March2013-300x296Welcome to the home page of Mike Cooke who specializes buying and selling
STEAM TOYS and STEAM MODELS of any type. I normally have in stock items such as:-
German made steam toys……Marklin, Bing, Carrette, Ernst Plank etc
English made steam toys……….Bowman, SEL, Mamod etc
Scale steam models………..Stuart Turner, Whitney, Bassett Lowke
Scale model live steam locomotives in various gauges
Garden railway items in 32mm and 45mm gauges
Large stocks of live steam spares and books and pamphlets on the subject
Please do contact me with your specific steam “wants”…….I may be able to help.
Unfortunately I do not issue “Stock Lists’ as I do not have much spare time and anyway my stock does change daily.
BUT PLEASE do look at my few featured items on my “STEAM FOR SALE” page, which I intend to update bi monthly. And also please do look at, my page on Steam books for sale.
I do have many other interesting items, far too many to feature on here, both engines in this photograph are available.
I am also keen to buy your surplus items.